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This reading consists of a 5 stone pull and intuitive read from “The Crystalline Maven” from YouTube.  Most readings are about 15 minutes.

Your reading will be sent via email within 72 hours after payment is recieved.




8 reviews for 5 Crystal reading

  1. Candace Howard (verified owner)

    I was looking for an additional perspective on planning moving into 2021 when a friend suggested a crystal reading. I have used Crystal Oracle decks in the past however this service provides a much more detailed and personal connection through crystals than I expected. I received clear messages from each crystal & valuable insight from the Crystalline Maven herself. I have what I need to take action and reccomend this experience for anyone looking for a fresh perspective through the lens of crystal energy.

  2. M. Carmichael

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I was open to it because I had never heard of a reading done with crystals, and I like “Innovative Spiritual services”. I am a hard read and readers seem to know that instantly. Cameo ain’t clam up tho! She cd Anne through with life shifting information for me COMBINED with the crystals that represent my current situations. If you need clarity with Avondale solutions.. Get a crystal reading from her!

  3. E. Johnson

    I recieved a Crystal reading from The Crystalline Maven and it was spot on and absolutely what I needed as I prepare to step into 2021 in power and purpose and alignment. I didn’t know crystal readings were a thing but she has mastered this technique. I will be back! Thank you soo much!

  4. Chelsee DeLuna

    I was blessed with a Crystal reading from my Sis Cameo Nicole!!!
    When I say DIVINE Timing and alignment💫 Ive prepared a crystal grid with the crystals that were given to me and the energy is 🤩with this cosmic reset and downloads; My superpowers are on 1000 the crystal puzzle pieces I needed.
    Much Gratitude 💫🐰💋

    I highly recommend getting a Crystal Reading!

  5. C. Deluna

    I was blessed with a Crystal reading from Cameo. When I say DIVINE timing and alignment! I’m still amazed at what crystals came up. I’ve prepared a Crystal grid with the crystals given to me and the energy brought a cosmic reset and downloads. My super powers are on 1000!

  6. Erica Johnson

    Cameo is excellent at her craft. I’ve never had a reading like that before and she was spot on! Her suggestions are helpful to where I am right now and I am going to get the crystals recommended in the reading to assist me with my own work as a mystick reader.

  7. Fran Keith (verified owner)

    Listen…. I just got a 5 crystal reading from Cameo and baby her and her crystals read Thee heck out of me. I’ve been a little stagnant on different things and she called that mess right out. She gave me information on things I had been pondering on which just gave me confirmation and confidence on my situation(s). Thank you Cameo and your crystals for sharing your time and knowledge with me..☺️

  8. Rosie Peña Deramos (verified owner)

    This is my SECOND reading with Cameo and both times were an amazing experience! She had details that were so accurate it was chilling both times! She gave me the best advice on how to deal with obstacles and control situations that were coming my way. I am forever grateful for her gift as it’s helped me to unwrap mine ❤️

  9. SugarFoot McIntosh

    Sunny nite readings rare. She is rare. She give you the tools to become a better you. Highly recommend.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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