Have you really taken the time to become one with your crystals?

Crystal magick is simply using active intention to build  relationship with your crystals. Now that we understand that we are building a relationship, let’s take a look at how. In building relationships with people we tend to study the person’ likes/dislikes, point of origin , history, strengths , etc. Only focusing on the spiritual properties is a disservice to you and the crystal. We’ll use Optical Calcite also referred to as ” Iceland Spar”. Optical calcite’s Spiritually assists one to acknowledge and release negative paradigms while amplifying and cleansing energy from the environment.. Physically, when you hold Optical Calcite over written words, it will reveal a double image. Scientifically, Optical Calcite is made of Calcium carbonate which is also a dietary supplement for healthy bones, muscles, nervous system,  & heart. Geographically, Optical Calcite is mostly found in different parts of Mexico. Now with this information we will discover that we can use Optical Calcite for the following :

Aid in promoting change in your life , deflecting negativity (cleansing energy) , understanding the intentions and meanings of all communications( double vision) , self fortification (healthy bones, strengthens nerves)  , & strengthen bonds with ancestors / Aztec / Mayan dieties.

By researching the crystals you own you may find that you can build an entirely new relationship with your collection and make wonderful magick together!

I hope you enjoyed this information and that I helps you to create the reality that you want !

Thank you,

The Crystalline Maven

Cameo Nicole

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  • josefa
    Posted June 16, 2023 1:20 pm 0Likes

    My reading and oils have been life changing! I can wait to expand my collection .

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